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Manufacturer of concrete elements "JARBET" Krawczyk

is the largest and best-known producer of concrete elements in the region.

The company was founded on the initiative of Jarosław Krawczyk in

Since then, the company has modernised the production of concrete elements through changes in production technology adapting it to global trends and production standards.
We have certificates for concrete and our products.

The concrete used in production is produced at our concrete batching plant.

This ensures that our products are of high quality, which does not mean a high price.
The products manufactured by our company have customers in the country as well as abroad.
This is possible th

has a very high reputation in the production of concrete elements and concrete as well as the sale of sand.
Our products are affordable, durable and easy to install.
Our products may be painted with external emulsion paints
or coloured penetrating concrete sealers.


Our company mainly produces:
- orchard scaffolding posts,
- posts for foil tunnels,
- posts for forest mesh,
- raspberry posts,
- posts for mini kiwis,
- posts for blueberries,
- posts for concrete fence walls,
- concrete fence walls,
- sill plates for panel fencing,
- connectors for sill plates: straight and corner connectors,
- concrete blocks,
- bedding, dry concrete of all strength classes,
- ready-mixed concrete of damp consistency, C 8/10, C 12/15, C 16/20, C 20/25
- cement-stabilised soil 1.5 MPa, 2.5 MPa, 5 MPa,
- c 3/4 cement-bound mixtures according to EN 14227-1.
Each manufactured element is properly reinforced with ribbed wire of different cross-sections, depending on size and intended use.
We also offer sifted sand for sale, in a variety of grain sizes.

Products manufactured by our company
are of the highest quality


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